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Water Still

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Water Still , Apex WS 4L

A economically priced WATER STILL, Apex WS 4L, fitted with a 3kW chromium plated heater.The heater is incorporated with a thermostatic cut-off to protect the still in the event of water supply failure.

The boiling chamber and spiralled condenser are made of borosilicate heat resistant glass.

A robust metal stand is designed for bench or wall mounting.

It is ideal for science laboratories in schools and colleges. Also used in Industry and Medical Laboratories.

Specification :

* Output                : 4 Liters per hour

* Distillate             : Conductivity : Alp 3 to 4 us/cm qualit

* Power Supply   : Single Phase 220 – 240v 50/60Hz , 3kW

* Mass                   : 6000gm

* Dimension         : 49cm x 15cm x 45cm (w x d x h)

* Glass Material   : Borosilicate glass 3.3

Typical Application:

Used to produce a distillation output of 4 Lit. per hour.

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