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Microfiltration Assemblies, 47mm, ULTRA-WARE

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These vacuum microfiltration assemblies are designed to handle up to 500ml of sample liquids for the analysis of particulate or microbiological contamination.

With Glass Support
Used for general filtration. This unit is supplied with a coarse fritted glass support base, 300ml graduated funnel, anodized aluminum clamp and a No. 8 silicone stopper.

Cat. No. Support type Graduated funnel Capacity (ml) Filter size (mm)
Approx.overall height x diameter (mm)
1230.00.00 Fritted Glass 300 47 229 x 76
1230/C1 (1) Glass funnel, 47mm, 300ml
1230/C2 (2) Anodized aluminum clamp, 47mm
1230/C3 (3) Fritted glass support base, 47mm
1230/C4 (4) No. 8 silicone stopper, for use with 1000ml filtration flask
1230/A1 Glass funnel, 47mm, 100ml
1230/A2 Glass funnel, 47mm, 500ml
1230/A3 Glass funnel, 47mm, 1000ml
1230/A4 Filtration flask, 1000ml, No. 8 stopper joint
1230/A5 Filtration flask, safety-coated, 1000ml, No. 8 stopper joint
1230/A6 PVC filtration manifold, 3-place
1230/A7 PVC filtration manifold, 6-place

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