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Fractionating Column Packing

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Material : Schott Duran Germany and Iwaki Pyrex Japan

Borosilicate glass 3.3

Raschig rings and Fenske helices are the two most common types of packing used with plain fractionating columns.

Raschig rings are short lengths of glass tubing , usually having the same length as the diameter. The properties are similar to those mentioned below for the Fenske helices but with less separating power.

Fenske packing consists of single-turn borosilicate glass helices which afford a closely-spaced packing. This causes continuous change in direction of flow of liquids and vapour to give maximum contact and good throughput.

Cat. No. Description Approx. Diameter (mm) Approx. Length (mm)
CF3.R06 Raschig rings 6 6
CF3.R09 Raschig rings 9 9
CF3.F04 Fenske helices 4

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