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Water Estimator – Light Entrainers

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Material : Schott Duran and Iwaki Pyrex Jepun

Borosilicate glass 3.3

These Dean & Stark pattern receivers are used in conjunction with a reflux condenser and boiling flask (both available separately).Each receiver is fitted with a 19/26 Socket so that the same standard condenser is used for all receivers . Similarly , the cone of each receiver is size 24/29 which is common to a wide variety of standard Quickfit Flask.Wide necked flask , required for bulky samples , can be accommodated by fitting a reduction adapter. A spray tube is available for washing down droplets of water adhering to the condenser tube.

Cat. No. Description Capacity (ml) Graduation (ml)   Socket Size  Cone Size  
AW1.23/2 Receiver 2.0 0.05 19/26 24/29
 AW1.23/7.5 Receiver 7.5 0.10 19/26 24/29
AW1.23/10 Receiver with stopcock 10.0 0.10 19/26 24/29
AW1.23/25 Receiver 25.0 0.20 19/26 24/29
AW1.ST Spray Tube

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