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Spherical Joints , Unbadged

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Material : Schot Duran Germany & Iwaki Pyrex Japan

Borosilicate glass 3.3

For glassblowers preferring unbadge spherical Joints.The absence of ceramic marking avoids charring of the badge which can give an untidy appearance.

 Cat No. Cup Joint (Female)  Joint Size Minimum shank length (mm) Approx.bore (mm)
JS05.B13/2 JS05.C13/2 S13 100 2
JS05.B13/5 JS05.C13/5 S13 100 5
JS05.B19 JS05.C19 S19 100 9
JS05.B29 JS05.C29 S29 100 15
JS05.B35 JS05.C35 S35 100 19
JS05.B41 JS05.C41 S41 100 27
JS05.B51 JS05.C51 S51 120 32

Others Size On Request

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