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Inland Revenue Condensers

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Material : Schott Duran Germany and Iwaki Pyrex Japan

Borosilicate glass 3.3

Used for standard Inland Revenue test and control methods by brewers etc,the Inland Revenue condenser employs the use of coolant flow outside the coil.The coil tends to impede the flow of material through it and thus ensures maximum contact of vapour at the heat transfer surface.Both bore and pitch of the coil are designed to give optimum conditions without ‘slugging’.This condenser is very efficient but must not be used for fast rates of distillation .It is particularly useful for removing condensable vapours from non-condensable gases.

Cat. No. Socket Size Cone Size Approx.effective Length (mm) Approx.Overall Length (mm)
C10.22 19/26 19/26 205 340
C10.33 24/29 24/29 205 340

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