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Extraction Apparatus Complete Assembly

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Material : Schott Duran Germany and Iwaki Pyrex Japan

Borosilicate glass 3.3

Complete standard accemblies.

Assembly cat. No. Normal Capacity (ml) Components Extractor etc Flask Condenser
EX.25RASX 20 EX01.326 FRS.50/2 C12.X3
EX.40RASX 40 EX01.43 FRS.100/3 C12.X4
EX.60RASX 60 EX01.53 FRS.150/3 C12.X5
EX.100RASX 100 EX01.63 FRS.250/3 C12.X6
EX.200RASX 200 EX01.83 FRS.500/3 C12.X8
EX.600RDSX 600 EX02.5/75,DA5/75,JC75F FRS.2L/5 C09.X5/205
EX.2LRCSX 2000 EX02.5/100,DA5/100,JC100F FRS.5L/5 **uniform or FRS C08.55/230

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