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Cold Traps

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Material : Schott Duran Germany and Iwaki Pyrex Japan

Borosilicate glass 3.3

This range of items has been specifically designed for use in vacuum systems.The cold traps can be attached to vacuum pumps or incorporated at some stage in a vacuum systems , and they may be used singly or connected in series.Entrainment of volatile materials into pumps is eliminated and condensates may be recovered if required.The ancillary glassware enable assemblies to be readily drained,dismantled,cleaned and re-assembled.


Cat. No. Description Refrigerant Capacity (ml) Socket Size Cone Size
TC1.3/250 Cold Trap 250 24/29
TC1.4/250 Cold Trap 250 29/32
TC1.3/500 Cold Trap 500 24/29
TC1.4/500 Cold Trap 500 29/32
TC2.33 90″ bend 24/29
TC2.44 90″ bend 29/32
TC3.33 U-bend with spindle valve stopcock 24/29

Others Size On Request

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