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Chemistry Set – 29BU/M

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Material : Schott Duran Germany & Iwaki Pyrex Japan

Borosilicate glass 3.3

Set 29BU/M , Organic Chemistry Kit , 14/23 Joint Size

Basic starter kit – Idea for introducing students to principal techniques of preparative organic chemistry . Comprises 5 basic items glassware all with size 14/23 ground glass joints giving maximum flexibility. Scale based on starting material quanties up to 30g. Both reflix and distillation assemblies can be constructed . Housed in a robust cardboard box with foam rubber liner for product protection. 

Cat. No. Description    
29BU/M Complete set comprising 9 items of glassware    
  Set 27BU Components :    
Cat.No. Item No. Components Quantity
FP.50/1 1 Pear Shape Flask , 50ml 1
SH03.1 2 Stillhead 1
C03.11/155 3 Liebig Condenser 1
AS3.1/14 4 Screwcap Adapter 1
AR2.1 5 Receiver Adapter 1

Others Size On Request

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