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Custom made glassware
Duraglas provided a comprehensive range of standard borosilicate glass products, component and fabrication services to create items to your exact specifications.
Glassware repairing and modification
Too often, glassware users discharge a broken item. Instead of having the item repaired, it is replaced at a substantial cost. At Duraglas, our glassblower are highly skilled in the repair of broken laboratory glassware. Modification also can be carried out to existing glassware to produce cost-effective alternatives to new items.
All-in- one service
Whether your requirements are simple or complex, a one-off, or full production run, Duraglas can full fill your needs. Duraglas also can help you to set up a scientific glass blowing workshop and provide the scientific glass blowing equipment.
With over 20 years in the production of borosilicate glassware, you can be assured that our expert knowledge, skill and craftsmanship can deliver – every time.

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