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Kjeldahl Distillation Assembly

Material : Schott Duran Germany & Iwaki Pyrex Japan

Borosilicate glass

This assembly uses the same flask for distillation as for the digestion stage and conversion from one stage to the other can be done very quickly.

Cat. No.DescriptionSocket SizeCone Size
DAK 280Complete Assembly
 Components :  
C03.22/208Liebig Condenser19/2619/26
FT01.R2/50Dropping Funnel – 50ml10/1919/26
FK.500/3Kjedahl Flask – 500ml24/29
AM1.23Multiple Adapter19/2624/29
MF40/13/242 x double Spring Clips
AR3.2Delivery Adapter19/26
SH07.22Splash Head19/2619/26

Others Size On Request

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